12 Days of YNPN: Gifts You Maybe Hadn't Thought About

12 Days of YNPN: Gifts You Maybe Hadn't Thought About

Hey YNPNers,

Are you stumped on what to give to your family, your friends, maybe even your co-workers? In lieu of laying siege on every store in the mall, why not try out a few of these...



1. Donate to a cause in their name

Sometimes thought of as the “I didn’t know what to get you” gift, or “it is better than socks” gift, donating to a cause sometimes gets a bad rap. But, it doesn’t have to. Think about the person you have in mind. Are they apart of an organization that is fundraising? Donate and personalize your contribution with a heartfelt card or video message.

Taking the word donate a step further, donate some of your time to help your giftee’s favorite cause. That’s right, schedule some time in a few weeks away from the holidays to help your favorite person on his Save the Whales project or set aside a weekend to help your friend plan their workout regime. Get creative.

2. Purchase something that benefits your sector

You can purchase any kind of gift, from toys to mugs from a host of online retailers. The best part is, many of them support your favorite causes. You can relax knowing your gift was benefitted three fold: you, your giftee, and the nonprofit you purchased your gift from.

Check out some online retailers here.

3. Go local

Buying locally invests revenue back into your local economy, helping small business owners generate the revenue they deserve.

Yelp is a great source to find local shops. Or wander around your city for a while and walk into that small shop off the Broadway. You never know what you’ll find... like a nice local brand of beer for your laid-back coworker, or locally-crafted jewelry for that special someone.

Hey, you can even take it a step further and find any last minute middle and high school gift/craft fairs.


Hopefully you’ve got a few new ideas of what to get for those on your last minute gift list. I’m sure your Aunt Elle will be happy to receive more than your usual gift of socks.

Happy Gifting!


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