Announcing the Leaders #BuildingLeaders Campaign!

Announcing the Leaders #BuildingLeaders Campaign!

I’m sure you are familiar with the old adage, “leaders aren’t born, they are made.”  At YNPN we truly believe this! It is the very reason we do what we do. We aim to activate, support and invest in young nonprofit professionals across the country. We are proud to be working with some of the most talented emerging leaders in the sector. And what we have learned through our work over the last 11 years is the best leaders also empower those around them. It actually may be more accurate to say, “leaders aren’t born, they are developed through relationships with other dynamic leaders.”

If you think back over the course of your career you can probably identify a few people who truly  invested in you and as a result shaped the direction of your career. These transformational relationships helped mold you into the leader you are today. At the same time, you can probably identify a person you are helping to grow and succeed in their career goals. Leaders build leaders!

This is the whole idea behind the YNPN Leaders Building Leaders campaign. We are challenging each one of you to think about that person, or people who have had an impact on your leadership trajectory and make a donation in their honor. In turn, your donation will help tens of thousands of emerging leaders grow and succeed through the work we are doing at YNPN.

Once you make a donation, be sure to let that person know! Tweet or share one of these images let and tell them what their investment means to you. Everyone loves to hear thank you!

At YNPN, we are committed to building a diverse and powerful social sector and that starts with building great leaders! We hope you will join us!

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