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What are you NOT going to do in 2014? #workresolutions

YNPN member Natasha Golinsky shares her take on #workresolutions: the reverse resolution.

As a working mom of three young kids with volunteer commitments, a huge extended family, and a household to run, a question I get all the time is “How do you get it all done?"

People always assume that I’m swamped with things to do; however, the truth is that I have lots of spare time (more than I’d like to admit). Despite my to-do list, I manage to watch a bit of TV every day, read about a book a week, and spend lots of time with my husband and kids.

It’s not because I know millions of personal productivity short-cuts, but it’s because I keep things simple. I’m very conscious of just how much time I have and how much emotional energy I have to go around. After years of being an over-commitment-aholic, I finally wised up and realized that everyone loses when things get too busy in my life. Not only do I feel more stressed out but my kids start acting crazier, my marriage feels strained, I start to fall short on commitments, and the quality of my work decreases. It's no way to live.

This year instead of bogging yourself down with a ton of resolutions that will only put you under more pressure, why not make some “reverse resolutions” (i.e., things you’re NOT going to do)? We all have way too much on our plates and not all of it has a great return on investment. Why not strategically get rid of some of the items on your task list this year instead of piling on more?

Which five things are you doing right now that don’t have a decent enough pay-off for you to keep doing them?

Which things do you need to quit? (FYI: Quitting something unproductive doesn’t make you a quitter. Continuing to do something unproductive is actually a very silly thing to do.)

Don’t worry about how quitting this task will look to others around you. Your primary responsibility is to yourself and your mental health. Chances are that anyone who would judge you is just as over-committed and feels jealous that you had the confidence to stand up for yourself and your quality of life.

This year, do less. Under-commit and enjoy some time off. Make this the year that you get back to enjoying your life instead of constantly feeling like you’re drowning in to-dos.



Natasha Golinsky is the founder of Next Level Nonprofits, an online training company dedicated to helping new Executive Directors learn how to "stop putting out fires" and "start blazing a trail" instead. You can find her on Twitter as @ngolinsky

Tell us your #workresolutions for 2014

There's just something about a new year that feels like a fresh start.

So why do we so often spend this fresh start fixating on the things we want to change about ourselves?

New Year's resolutions could be a powerful, inspirational idea.

Instead they usually end up making us feel like this:

This year we'd like to try something new. Instead of making resolutions to change ourselves, we're setting professional intentions for the year ahead. We're calling them #workresolutions.

Have you always wanted to learn HTML? Is it time for you to ask for more responsibility? Are you hoping to work up the courage to ask for a raise? Resolve to make 2014 the year that you do it.

This month we'll be writing and talking about #workresolutions: how to make them, how to keep them, and what we hope to accomplish this year. Most importantly, we want to hear your thoughts and resolutions, so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to join the conversation.

As you think about your #workresolutions, here are a few articles to inspire you:

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What are you hoping to accomplish professionally this year?

Connect with YNPN in 2014

For the last 12 days, we've been celebrating our favorite moments from 2013. We accomplished a lot last year, but we know this year is going to be even better.
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12 Days of YNPN: Ready for 2014!

In November, our National Board and Launchpad Fellows met in Baltimore at the Annie E. Casey Foundation to review the work of 2013 and get ready for 2014.

This year, YNPN National has invested in important infrastructure, like our improvements to the Wordpress platform used by National and many of our local chapters. We also refreshed our mission and vision statements to make sure that they expressed what we hope to accomplish across the network and the nation.

We also embarked on a Theory of Change process that will inform our next phase of growth and impact as an organization. Throughout 2013, we have been consulting with our National Board, local Chapter Leaders, and experts to identify how we can best support our chapters and partners. As we compile the final data and reports, this information will be used to create a strategic framework that will maximize our impact and help us reach our full potential.

Our National Board, staff, and Launchpad Fellows have been thinking big and bold about the future of YNPN. One of the biggest highlights of 2013 has been laying the groundwork for 2014 and beyond. We're looking forward to making next year and the years ahead even better than this one, and we hope you'll join us on the journey!


YNPN National Board during their November Retreat at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore

YNPN National Board during their November Retreat at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore

12 Days of YNPN: Our Fabulous Funding Partners

As nonprofit professionals, we all know how critical donations and financial support are to an organization's ability to fulfill its mission. YNPN has been fortunate enough to work with fabulous funding partners who support our work and our mission of creating a more diverse and powerful social sector.
This year we began working with two new funding partners: the Newman's Own Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.


packard stacked logo green PMS 3305


We also maintained and deepened our relationship with the American Express Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, two long-term supporters of YNPN:




As we look back at 2013, we are so thankful for our funding partners who made our work possible.

In addition to corporate and foundation support, we also increased the number of individual donors to YNPN. We are of course grateful for the resources these donors have contributed, but we're also blown away by their willingness to invest in next generation leadership and their support for the YNPN movement.

Thank you all for believing in YNPN!

12 Days of YNPN: The first year of Chapter Congress

This year YNPN National launched a Chapter Congress to ensure that every chapter has a voice in the conversations and decisions that impact the whole network. Each local chapter from across the country appointed a representative to attend Chapter Congress calls and speak on behalf of their chapter as we work together to determine the future direction of YNPN.

Kari Mirkin and Qyana Stewart, the members of the National Board responsible for chapter engagement, led the Congress through its first year. Says Kari, "Qyana and I want to thank all of those chapter representatives across the country that made a commitment to building Chapter Congress in its first year (you know who you are!). Your continued engagement from call to call--and email to email--helped drive several important national initiatives, and your chapter's feedback has helped us to begin to shape Chapter Congress into the vital network engine we all want it to be."

On December 11, representatives from the following chapters called in to talk about how we could refine the Chapter Congress model in 2014:

YNPN Milwaukee     YNPN Twin Cities     YNPN sfba

YNPN San Diego     YNPN-NYC     YNPN Seattle

YNPN KC     YNPN Boston     YNPN Oklahoma City

YNPNdc     YNPN Atlanta     YNPN Portland

YNPN Phoenix     YNPN Pittsburgh     YNPN Chicago

YNPN Cleveland     YNPN TriangleNC     YNPN Baltimore

According to Kari, "Our final call of the year this December gave us a chance to check in with chapter representatives--many of whom have stuck with us through every call and email--to get their feedback on ideas big and small, and to celebrate the accomplishments of 2013. Thanks to them, plans for building an even better Chapter Congress in 2014 are already well underway."

Qyana, Kari, and the rest of us at YNPN National want to thank the chapters across the country who made a commitment to Chapter Congress in its first year. We look forward to working with you in 2014!

12 Days of YNPN: YNPN Goes to the White House

In addition to celebrating milestone birthdays and developing innovative programming, YNPN elevated its national profile this year. Many of our local chapters received recognition for their accomplishments and the National organization was invited to participate in several discussions about the future of the nonprofit sector and youth leadership.

One of the most exciting events, however, was being invited to participate in the last White House Youth Summit of 2013. National Board member Ese Emerhi was repping YNPN in the White House Treaty Room on December 4th and livetweeting pictures and commentary from the discussion about the Affordable Care Act:

President Obama speaking on the importance of the Affordable Care Act. Photo by Ese Emerhi.President Obama speaking on the importance of the Affordable Care Act. Photo by Ese Emerhi.



With so many young people in America uninsured, we were glad to be included in the discussion about how to help our generation access affordable healthcare. This was YNPN National's third trip to the White House, and we'll continue to make sure that young nonprofit professionals' voices are heard.

12 Days of YNPN: Young leaders are doing it for themselves

In today's 12 Days of YNPN post, we're looking back at some of the innovative programming our local chapters developed in 2013.
This year, YNPN-NYC held their first ever Young Leaders Conference. Erin Roberts, Co-Chair of the event, described for us how the Conference grew out of another YNPN-NYC event:

"We've held a Professional Development fair in early December for the last few years and have had a great deal of success giving our members the opportunity to learn about programs and organizations that can help build their careers. The conference was a way for us to take that experience to the next level by focusing not just on the programs that help to create leaders but also on what it takes to be a nonprofit leader."

This year's conference was a huge success:


And, Erin says, "We look forward to holding the Young Leaders Conference again (and building on our success) next year!"
YNPN Denver was also investing in the skills and knowledge of their members with Elevate Denver, a yearlong leadership program that combines lectures, networking, and peer-to-peer learning. The participants were able to develop a customized program of study drawing from four sets of key competencies: fundraising and marketing; human resources and management; law, financials, and board management; and upcoming trends in the nonprofit sector.

This year's program started with an inaugural class of 20 fellows:


We're so excited to watch this program and Denver's young leaders grow.

In 2013, the network also held its very first regional conference in San Diego. The YNPN Southwest Regional included Chapter Leaders from YNPN Central New Mexico, YNPN Denver, YNPN Los Angeles, YNPN Phoenix, YNPN Southern Nevada, and organizers YNPN San Diego. According to conference co-organizer and National Board member Jessie Singer, "It was a great way to bring five other chapters together to share best practices and good laughs between National Conferences." If you're interested in the conversations from the conference, notes and presentations from the weekend are posted on the Leaders Site.

Chapter Leaders at the YNPN SW Regional ConferenceChapter Leaders at the YNPN SW Regional Conference

These programs, and the many others executed by local chapters throughout the year, show that not only are young nonprofit professionals are eager to develop their skills and knowledge, but they're also willing to take the initiative and collaborate on innovative programs with their peers.

We are so excited to see what interesting programming 2014 holds!

12 Days of YNPN: They say it's your birthday

Earlier in our 12 Days of YNPN series, we celebrated adding eight new chapters to the network in 2013. In the same year that we added so many new chapters, we also had many of our established chapters celebrate milestone anniversaries.
Today we want to celebrate the "birthdays" of our local chapters and recognize them for their longevity.
YNPNsfba, the chapter that started it all, celebrated their 16th anniversary this year at San Francsico's Cartoon Art Museum.


YNPNsfba volunteers and award winners

YNPN Chicago celebrated their 12th birthday!
YNPN Chicago Board at their Annual Celebration


YNPN Denver, YNPN Los Angeles, and YNPN NYC celebrated their 11th year with the network!


YNPNdc celebrated their 10th anniversary in style with a gala at NPR Headquarters:

White House Fellow Mark Hanis addresses YNPNdc members

White House Fellow Mark Hanis addresses YNPNdc members


Congratulations to YNPN Orlando on a great eight years! 

This year we had six chapters celebrating seven years with the network: YNPN Twin Cities, YNPN Austin, YNPN Boston, YNPN Grand Rapids, YNPN Milwaukee, and YNPN Kansas City.

YNPN Phoenix (hosts of this year's National Leaders Conference) and YNPN San Diego celebrated their fifth birthday!

YNPN San Diego used their birthday party to give a gift to their members: professional headshots

YNPN San Diego used their birthday party to give a gift to their members: professional headshots


YNPN Triangle NC, YNPN Cincinnati, YNPN Detroit, YNPN Central New Mexico, YNPN Cleveland, YNPN Pittsburgh, and YNPN St. Louis celebrated their fourth anniversary.

We had three chapters celebrating three years: YNPN Kalamazoo, YNPN Little Rock, and YNPN Southern Nevada.

YNPN Little Rock


YNPN Little Rock
And last but not least, YNPN Indianapolis and YNPN Atlanta entered their terrific twos.
Congratulations to all of our local chapters on your years of service working to strengthen and connect the nonprofit sector in your city!


Awesome GIF originally found by YNPNtc

12 Days of YNPN: Ain't no party like a YNPN party

We often hear from our members that the friendships they've made are one of their favorite things about joining the network. In addition to developing themselves professionally, our members are having fun and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Across the country, local chapters have been gathering to celebrate the holidays.
YNPN Portland got together to celebrate their first year and enjoy some cider:

YNPNsfba celebrated their Volunteer Corps, the group of dedicated members who commit to spending 20 hours per month planning networking events, developing programming, and improving the nonprofit sector in the Bay Area:

The members of YNPN Hampton Roads took the opportunity to celebrate AND do good by donating more than 90 pounds of canned goods to a local food bank:

hampton roads
And what would the holidays be without ugly sweaters? Here's YNPN Kansas City modeling theirs:

kansas city

YNPN Twin Cities also put on their finest Christmas apparel:

YNPN Austin got in the holiday spirit by decorating cookies:

And YNPN Central New Mexico exchanged gifts:

After all, there ain't no party like a YNPN party because a YNPN party advances a diverse and powerful social sector. :)