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Announcing YNPN's New Leaders for 2016

Happy New Year!  Here at YNPN National we’re kickin’ off 2016 with an announcement about our new leadership.  We believe in modeling the change we want to see in the sector and that includes our leadership structure.  In 2016 we will have two leaders from our ranks taking the helm of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network as Interim Co-Executive Directors.

Reintroducing some familiar faces... (drumroll please)

Jamie Smith, who you all know from her work as our Director of Communications & Network Engagement, will be continuing on with the organization and stepping into this elevated leadership role. In addition to her amazing project management, staff management, and communications skills, Jamie brings with her deep relationships with our network, institutional knowledge of the inner workings of YNPN, and a clear vision for the future of YNPN as one of the chief architects and implementers of the Chapter Operating System. You can continue to reach Jamie at jamie@ynpn.org(BTW, this headshot was taken at a YNPN Austin Headshot Happy Hour!)

Amber Cruz Mohring has served as a key member of the National Board for the last two years and more recently was the co-chair of our Executive Director Search Committee. Amber brings to the table extensive program management, financial management, and fundraising relationships from her previous position as the Strategy Officer for Convenings at the Lumina Foundation and in her former role as the Director of Programs for Mobilize.org. Amber's respect among peers and veterans in the field has also been bolstered over the past several years through her involvement in the Independent Sector's NGen Advisory Group. You can connect with Amber at amber@ynpn.org.

We are excited to explore a co-leadership approach to YNPN’s work as well as put into practice what we preach about sustaining and developing talent in the sector.  The YNPN National Board of Directors will also be reflecting on the 2015 Executive Director search and considering what leadership is needed for the future of YNPN.  Over the next year Jamie and Amber look forward to partnering with all of you to take bold steps toward building a more diverse and powerful social sector.

The new year holds a lot of promise for YNPN but the work has just begun.  From launching the Chapter Operating System to planning the #ynpn16 National Conference and Leaders Institute to raising the voices of our network in the sector, 2016 will be a year of big bets, learning, and growth for our organization.  We're looking forward to the work we'll be doing together to strengthen our communities and create a more equitable nation.


With YNPN spirit,


Lindsay Jensen
Chair, National Board of Directors

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12 Days of YNPN: Life Wouldn’t Happen Without Our Funders

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#BuildingLeaders: Your Stories













A little more than a week ago, we launched our Leaders Building Leaders campaign to raise $25,000 for YNPN's leadership development work in the social sector. And as of today, we've raised more than $21,000!

We're so excited to be on the verge of achieving our fundraising goal, but we've also been incredibly inspired by the response to our campaign and your #BuildingLeaders stories.

We've had many messages come in via social media and our fundraising site--too many to share here! But we've put together a blog post with some of our favorite #BuildingLeaders messages. Here are some of the stories of leaders that have invested in and inspired you!


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Who Inspires Some of the Most Influential Leaders in the Sector?

Our #BuildingLeaders campaign is all about recognizing those who have had an impact on our lives and careers. The people we encounter on our leadership journeys can change our lives forever.

Every great leader can point to a person or people who have been instrumental in their leadership development. We asked some of the most influential leaders in the sector who inspired, shaped or motivated their work. Check out what they said and then honor a leader who has impacted you by making a donation to our #BuildingLeaders campaign.

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Sliding Doors: Leaders Building Leaders

Our #BuildingLeaders campaign is all about recognizing those who have had an impact on our lives and careers. The people we encounter on our leadership journeys can change our lives forever.

In this essay, YNPN San Diego co-founder and former YNPN Denver board member Emily Davis reflects on the impact that YNPN had for her and talks about some of her "sliding doors" moments.


I’ve always loved Sliding Doors, the movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow that follows her character through two parallel lives. One version of her life begins when she catches the train home, and the other begins when the train door shuts in her face.

I’ve had so many doors open for me in my career, many times because of a combination of luck, passion, and support that came at just the right time. When I look back on my experiences in the nonprofit sector, I see my experiences with YNPN as “sliding doors” moments.

My life and career could have gone in a different direction but because of YNPN opening those doors I am now a proud and joyful consultant, leader, and volunteer in my nonprofit community. I would not be where I am today without the partnership, support, and guidance I received in this network.

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