All 42 of our YNPN chapters across the country are founded and led by young professionals from the local community. These chapter leaders work on a volunteer basis to serve their peers and their community and in the process gain skills, leadership experience, and connections that they can utilize throughout their careers and lives.

Our leadership development work is organized around a framework we call the Five Pillars of Leadership Development. These are the things that we believe have the greatest impact in helping leaders grow and develop.


YNPN chapter leaders have access to all five pillars through their work as organizers in the YNPN network.

Access to training and skills development: YNPN chapter leaders have the opportunity to participate in YNPN-specific development programs via our ongoing chapter support programming and National Conference. They also have the opportunity to attend development events with outside partners like the American Express Leadership Academy.

Space to exercise those skills: While the national organization provides resources and support to our chapters, our chapter leaders have the autonomy to make decisions for their chapters and execute on plans and strategies that they develop. Our chapter leaders are running small nonprofit organizations in their spare time. This gives them powerful opportunities to take on programming, budgeting and revenue generation, and governance responsibilities that they may not have in their full-time positions or other employment.

Access to networks: Ideas and opportunities are transmitted from person to person through networks. YNPN acts as a connector between people and communities, helping young nonprofit professionals find opportunities and connect to their peers for fellowship and collaboration. Chapter leaders in particular are exposed to and connected with promising young leaders across the country.

Individual coaching and support: At our National Conference we provide our chapter leaders with access to professional coaches and we're currently exploring ways we might be able to increase access to coaching for our chapter leaders and members throughout the year.

Space for reflection and building emotional intelligence: YNPN creates space for chapter leaders to identify and reflect on their values, their work, and their position as a member of the social sector and their communities. These opportunities for reflection happen at our National Conference and throughout the year as chapter leaders work with their chapters to determine the impact they wish to have on their communities.

To date, thousands of young professionals have served as YNPN chapter leaders. If you're interested in serving on a local YNPN board, find the YNPN chapter nearest you or get in touch to see about starting a YNPN chapter in your community.

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