Chapter Blog Spotlight - Lessons from Being a YNPN Executive Board Member

Chapter Blog Spotlight - Lessons from Being a YNPN Executive Board Member

by Alnierys Venegas, cross-posted from YNPN Chicago.

Castle Pub was energetic and vibrant as YNPN Chicago celebrated its Board Meet and Greet. It was great to see the overwhelming response of YNPN members who are interested in board service. While mingling with prospective recruits, I reflected on my own personal journey as a member of the YNPN Chicago Board and the valuable lessons, as well as experiences, that I have learned throughout my tenure.

It is exciting to be a part of a member-driven, all-volunteer, working board of young nonprofit professionals committed to enhancing the sector, but there are three key things that I have learned during my time with YNPN that I would like for those considering board service to think about:

You Are the Workhorse – Being a part of a board will require completing tasks independently, or in a team, in order to assist with the organization’s strategic plan, mission, and vision. Often times, people assume that board involvement has little to no responsibilities aside from attending meetings, so you’ll often overhear comments like this:

       “Huh…this is so much work.”

        “I didn’t’ think I was going to be responsible with actually executing the idea I presented in the meeting.”

       “Can’t somebody else take on the responsibility?”


My YNPN colleague, Aaron House, explained this concept best in his blog, “A Board Service.”  You will be expected to be accountable for taking on tasks outside of the board room. In short, you are the workhorse.

You Create the Experience – Aside from the work that is expected, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend board events, functions, and meetings. This is a great opportunity to get to know your peers and meet new meet people. If you choose not to attend or if you limit yourself from engaging in those extracurricular activities, then your board experience will, more than likely, not be as enjoyable or fulfilling as it could be. The whole purpose of board participation is growing personally and professionally while connecting with individuals that could aid both in your career and personal lives. Connect. Engage. Create a memorable experience!

You Make a Commitment – Board terms last 1-2 years. That can seem like a pretty long time for a young professional, especially when you don’t know what kind of life circumstance you will face such as family, relationship, school, or career changes.  Despite these circumstances you should honor your term commitment.  Doing so not only demonstrates steadfastness, but your ability to respect your peers who joined hoping to have your support in board service. Not to mention, it also helps to build your character.

As I end my board service with YNPN Chicago, I will take with me not only these key lessons, but a phenomenal experience that allowed me to meet new people, learn about other nonprofit organizations, and develop new skills which helped me to grow personally and professionally. Take it from me…be accountable, enjoy your board service, and honor the commitment that you accepted.  It is worth it.

Alnierys Venegas is currently the Programming Co-Chair on YNPN Chicago’s Executive Board.  Professionally Alnierys manages a Hispanic outreach program for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.

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