Convergence: Nonprofit Professionals in a Cross-Sector World

Convergence: Nonprofit Professionals in a Cross-Sector World

Caryn Capriccioso (@caryncap)
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interSector Partners L3C focuses on intersection space. They are the 39th L3C in the country! :) Their social mission is to focus on sustainability of nonprofits, social responsibility of for profits, and government accountability.

Caryn's start was in workforce development. She realized that people were dropping out of job training programs because they could not afford childcare. So she brought a daycare into the YWCA. Many of the women graduating from the program found jobs at the daycare center. Caryn was viewed as revolutionary for bringing the nonprofit and for-profit together. She did not realize she had created a social enterprise or that it was a nationwide movement.

"There are ways to make money and save the planet at the same time."

No one sector can make all the money or solve all the problems or rule forever from on-high.
All hands on deck! Doing well AND doing good.

Now: Venture Philanthropy, Social Enterprise, Philanthropcapitalism (includes business metrics and strategies) , Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurs, L3C, Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Recommended book: Mission Inc, by Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls

Recommended article: Nonprofit Times article on L3Cs

Did you know? Banks are required by law to give money back to the community?

Ashoka and Denver are launching campaign to find innovative solutions to pressing social problems. Paired with an intense marketing campaign to move social innovation forward from all sectors. People are encouraged to visit a website and find one of many many ways to get involved.

Definitions and terminology are extremely varied. Publications and new media are covering the issue everywhere. Business structures are evolving. Education, professional and skill set development is possible. There are more conferences being organized. There are new job titles and career paths.

Where are we headed?

Gen X and Millennials are the deciding generation.
(Since when did I become a Millennial!!! 1977-1998.)

Small Group Discussion Time!

Where are we trying to go?

  • Leveraging strengths across the sectors
  • Diversified portfolio of types of organizations for community benefit
  • Transferable skills
  • Having something meaningful to market besides profits
  • Focusing on shared values instead of differences
  • Benefits to nonprofits to outsource non-mission tasks so that staff can focus on the mission
  • Strategic alliances forming


  • Fear and lack of trust in nonprofit world
  • Cultural differences in different sectors, Need to focus on the systems not the people
  • "Hurry up and wait" mentality
  • Lack of understanding about the other sector's role
  • Who takes the lead?


  • Leveraging ourselves as a political force
  • Seeing the nonprofit sector as more independent from government

What's the role of young professionals?

  • Open minded generations (x and millenials)
  • Make the case to organizations
  • Be the diversified portfolio that we want to see in the world

What do we need?

  • (Snacks. - ys)
  • Having a dialogue, facilitator to help lead the strategic plan
  • Creating a model to gain experience
  • Access to examples
  • Resources (books, articles, conferences)
  • Sense of urgency

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