Featured Network Post: Want to change the world? Tell a good story

Featured Network Post: Want to change the world? Tell a good story

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This featured blog post originally appeared on YNPN NYC's blog and was written by YNPN NYC board member and blogger Allison Jones

At our anniversary celebration last week our key note speaker Steve Mariotti Founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and JJ Ramberg our nonprofiteer of the year and Co-Founder of GoodSearch.com spent time sharing their experiences and paths that led them to careers in social change. Even though they work in different causes and have different backgrounds, they both shared one powerful piece of advice to changemakers: learn how to tell a story.

The importance of story telling comes up quite a bit in the nonprofit sector, especially when it comes to more externally facing professions like communications and fundraising.  However this is an important skill in all aspects of nonprofit work.  As we seek to grow and engage our supporters, employees, and communities we serve, we must  learn how to present our experiences and our work in a compelling way that draws our audience in and makes them feel connected and invested in the work we are doing. Story telling is one of the most powerful tools changemakers have, yet it’s a hard skill to master. What does it mean to tell a good story? How do I get others to tell their stories in support of our cause? How do we go from story telling to taking action?

Luckily there are resources to help you get started....

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