From the Front Lines- YNPN Members Share Perspectives on Upcoming YNPN Report

From the Front Lines- YNPN Members Share Perspectives on Upcoming YNPN Report

The crew at YNPN National couldn’t be more excited as we gear up to launch our network’s YNPN’s 2011 National Voice Report at the Independent Sector Conference in Chicago on October 30th!

The report highlights some of the biggest challenges facing the nonprofit sector today and provides insight into how young professionals and the organizations they work for are working to address these issues.

We can’t thank local YNPN chapters enough for all the support they’ve provided in making this report reflect the unique perspectives and innovative ideas of YNPN members across the country. Over the past few months, five of our local chapters have conducted focus groups to bounce the high-level report findings off members who experience these issues every day on the ground. Members from across the country sounded off on the hot button issues of leadership development, diversity, new organizational structures, nonprofit compensation and the changing state of the sector. 

These conversations, led by YNPN’s chapter leaders in Denver, Cincinnati, Twin Cities, Washington DC and Houston, bring the report findings to life, and we wanted to give you a preview of what our members are saying.

Why do you think some nonprofits embrace leadership development and others don't? Is it simply an issue of resources or are there other reasons why organizations aren't taking it on?

Conversations on leadership change are not happening between those in power and those who are not in power. “ -  YNPN member in D.C.

What about the other way around? Do young people have plans to approach supervisors and others and talk about how to develop? I feel like my workplace would be supportive of those conversations. It has to be two ways!”  - YNPN member in Twin Cities

When asked to hypothetically play the role of a philanthropist or ED and allocate a part of your budget, offering more competitive compensation was far and away the winner among all other categories.  Why is this so important?

“Nonprofit people ARE competitive and results-driven and want their hard work reflected. “ – YNPN member in Cincinnati

“It doesn’t always need to be money.  I think that it is sometimes extra vacation or shorter hours as compensation.”  - YNPN member in Houston

What do you think are the biggest benefits/biggest drawbacks of changing traditional organizational structures?

“Spreading the director responsibilities makes that position more manageable and allows several peoples' strengths to come together.” – YNPN member in Denver

“I've worked in the linear style organizations and there was a lot of passing the buck- where no one had to have an answer but anyone could have the answer. We were always scrambling to run smoothly.”  - YNPN member in Houston

Most survey respondents reported that the organizations they worked for had a diverse staff, but not at the management level.  What are your thoughts on diversity in the sector?

“It's treating an adaptive issue as a technical issue. I worked at a place that had a checklist of things like  ‘Do we have decorations of different cultures in our office?’. What it should be about is busting through your cultural paradigm.”  -YNPN member from Twin Cities

“There are definitely more women in nonprofit sector than in the corporate sector, but there are still more men in leadership roles.” – YNPN member in Denver

Although many respondents were committed to ensuring their careers focused on social impact, only a portion of those were committed to the nonprofit sector.  What are the implications for the sector?

“Why actually work at a nonprofit if I can make an impact in these other roles [nonprofit  volunteer or board member] and not deal with negatives of nonprofit employment?” – YNPN member in Cincinnati
“We need to anticipate a shift that breaks down the line between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. That means finding ways for the for-profit model to be more responsible, and for nonprofits, looking toward new revenue models.”  - YNPN member from Twin Cities

What are your ideas on how young nonprofit professionals can help solve these issues?   Do you agree or disagree with the reactions of our members?
Read the YNPN’s 2011 National Voice Report A special thanks to YNPN’s local chapters in Denver, Cincinnati, Twin Cities, Washington DC and Houston for running focus groups and sharing the conversations with the network.

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