Leaders Building Leaders: Who Has Influenced Our Board of Directors?

Leaders Building Leaders: Who Has Influenced Our Board of Directors?

At YNPN we are fortunate to have an awesome Board of Directors that guides and advances the work we do and we couldn’t do it without them! Since they are such a strong support to us and our efforts to build strong nonprofit leaders, we wanted to know about the leaders that supported and shaped their careers. Check out who our board members are honoring with their donation to the #BuildingLeaders campaign and join them in honoring leaders who inspire.


Megan_Walker_for_website.jpgMegan Walker
I’m donating to the campaign in honor of Bill Brown. Mr. Bill Brown is the CEO of the Children's Table in Alachua County Florida. I met him almost 14 years ago when I was in college at the University of Florida, volunteering to glean fields of watermelon to give to the hungry. He is in his late 80s and is one of the most selfless leaders I know. He is full of energy, life and love for his fellow man. He inspires me every day to be a better, more compassionate leader. I may not get to see the change I am making every day at the worldwide headquarters of United Way, but then I call Mr Bill and he reminds me of the people that get fed through his program through his persistent faith and passion for changing lives and it reminds me why I do what I do.

Dan_Blackmore.jpgDan Blakemore
I’m donating to #BuildingLeaders in honor of three individuals: Elyse Buxbaum, Reynold Levy, and Trish Tchume. Elyse was my second nonprofit boss and opened my eyes to the centrality of relationships in nonprofit fundraising, a lesson of which I am regularly reminded in my day job and of course in my efforts for YNPN National. I have always appreciated all that Elyse taught me during my internship at The Jewish Museum and am proud to still call her a friend. I read Mr. Levy's first book, Yours for the Asking, and continue to rely on it for great advice on all aspects of nonprofit fundraising. The thoughtful approach that he takes to leadership and nonprofit management is an inspiration to me as I continue building my career in this sector and his example will remain the standard against which I judge myself. Without Trish, I never would have considering applying for the YNPN National Board or really known it was an option; when we first met in a tweetchat, I couldn't imagine that roughly four years later I would have learned so much from her about everything from managing people, building consensus, change management, and simply having fun while leading. I am forever grateful to Trish for believing that I had something to contribute to this national movement.


Kim_Walker.jpgKim Walker
I'm donating to the campaign in honor of Lois Takahashi. Lois was my advisor when I studied Urban Planning at UCLA. Learning about homelessness and housing from her helped inspire me to take action and become a part of the movement to end homelessness for good.


Caitie_Deranek_Stewart.jpgCaitie Deranek Stewart
I am so pleased to have the opportunity to honor my mentor, Sally McGuffey, as part of this YNPN National campaign. Her vision and advice have made such a difference to me as I assumed a new fundraising role last year. She is approachable, thoughtful, and always available – she is truly building the next generation of nonprofit leaders in Indianapolis.


Jalisa-Whitley_for_website.jpgJalisa Whitley
My gift is in honor of Rubie Coles because she taught me the importance of being community and values-focused in all the work I do. She models consistency and humility in her work as a funder and has planted many seeds of change in myself and many others I've met during my time in the sector. She is the ultimate exemplar of leaders building leaders because she has dedicated herself to being available to my MANY questions and existential questions and has gone out of her way to be a guide and opener of doors for me and so many others.


Qyana_Stewart_for_website.jpgQyana M. Stewart
I am honoring those individuals who have helped shape me as a person and as a young professional. I am proud and excited to support YNPN and am eager to experience the power of collective giving for the 2015 Leader's Building Leaders Campaign.

Jessie_B_for_website.jpgJessie Bustamante
I am participating to honor individuals who have helped kick start my career. Kelsea Patton was my first supervisor who encouraged me to get involved in the community and join a leadership program that led me into my nonprofit career. True leaders invest in their employees and encourage their success and I am forever grateful for Kelsea giving me a little kick to get out there and do more. Here’s to having more Kelsea’s in the universe that bring out the best in all of us.


Brandi_Tuck_for_Website.jpgBrandi Tuck
I would like to honor the two most impactful mentors I have had in my life: Sally Dadmun-Bixby and Guadalupe Guajardo. Sally was my fundraising coach for two years; Sally taught me everything I know about fundraising but also taught me how to use compassion, curiosity, and courage to be the best leader I can be. Guadalupe was my first mentor and taught me about how to have vision for the future and build capacity in my organization to be able to realize my dreams. I want to thank these two special mentors for their loving and thoughtful guidance over the years!


Kari_Mirkin_for_website.jpgKari Mirkin
I'm making my gift in honor of all of the network leaders that drive the work of YNPN. It may read like a cop-out (a gift to YNPN in honor of YNPN?), but I can't think of a group of people that better personify the idea of servant leadership than those I've had the privilege of meeting through this network. They do so much every day to better the lives of those around them -- from the clients they serve through the work of their organizations to the co-workers in the next cubicle. Most importantly, they've chosen to make an investment in themselves by growing their capacity to lead, inspire, and make change.

I'm also honoring David M. Rubenstein, a man whose philanthropic philosophy is truly a breath of fresh air in a sector so often bogged down by donor demands and trying to quantify the unquantifiable. He has a passion, he has the money, he makes a gift. It's not a groundbreaking idea, but sometimes it really should be that easy. Sure, he isn't young (sorry, it's true), he isn't nonprofit (actually, he's a billionaire... with a "b"), and he isn't exactly what we think of when we envision a diverse social sector, but if leadership is about giving back as much as you can to something you care about and encouraging others to do the same, there are few who can match him.


Robert_Nelson_for_website.jpgRobert Nelson
I donated to the YNPN #‎BuildingLeaders campaign in honor of Ian Esquibel because he continually works to shape our community while inspiring others to do the same. Who will you celebrate?


Russ_Finkelstein.jpgRuss Finkelstein
My greatest development as a leader came from those who pushed me and were patient with me in my quest to be a better manager and a more thoughtful and compassionate person. I have had the great fortune to have brilliant people to develop in my career who have gone on to do amazing things in the world. I can't include everyone, but this list includes: Erin Barnhart, Felecia Bartow, Meg Busse, Joe Grant, Steven Joiner, Dan Kessler, Abram Ojure, Nkia Richardson, Stefan Mcletchie and Amy Potthast.


 Kate_Capossela_for_website.jpgKate Capossela
I’m donating in honor of Peggy Knudson of Washington, DC. She was one of my first managers. She has never stopped honing her craft--raising visibility and revenue for social change organizations. We can always do better. That mindset empowered me at 22 and it inspires me now.






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