Network to Know: FoodCorps

Network to Know: FoodCorps


To help our members find opportunities to more strategically network, we’ll occasionally be featuring organizations that we think are doing interesting work that would be of interest to YNPN members. This week, we're introducing you to FoodCorps, which works within local communities to connect kids to healthy food in schools.

We spoke with Tiffany McClain, FoodCorps Recruitment Manager, to learn a bit more about their mission and ways YNPN members can connect and collaborate.

You were founded in 2011. Can you tell us a bit more about the mission of your organization, and how you achieve that?

Together with communities, FoodCorps serves to connect kids to healthy food in school. We are a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders who connect kids to real food and help them grow up healthy. Through our partnership with AmeriCorps, we recruit, train and place emerging leaders into limited-resource schools for a year of service implementing our three-ingredient recipe for healthy kids. During their year of service, members engage in the community and advance our mission by providing:

  • Knowledge: food and nutrition education that gives kids the information they need to make smart choices
  • Engagement: hands-on activities like gardening and cooking that foster skills and pride around healthy food
  • Access: lunch trays filled with nutritious meals from local farms

In what ways do you see FoodCorps having a lasting, sustainable impact on the local communities you're working in?

As a result of the efforts and achievements of our service members, many schools and nonprofits are recognizing the value of having a full-time school garden coordinator or educator on staff and are securing funding to fill those roles, often hiring our alums!

What energizes individuals to participate with FoodCorps, and why might others seek to connect with you?

  1. We are planting seeds that will bloom a healthier generation of children who know what healthy food is, how it grows, how to prepare it, and have access to it every day.
  2. We are building an impressive national network of emerging professionals who have a passion for food, farming public health, nutrition, and education, tied together by their desire to improve the food chain.
  3. We eat really good food! (good for you, the environment, and your taste buds!)

Alright, we're sold -- we love good food too! How can YNPN members who are interested further get involved with FoodCorps? What are some ways we might collaborate and help more kids get access to healthy food in schools?

A local YNPN chapter might be interested in hearing about farm-to-school/food systems/food justice work from our allies via presentation at a chapter meeting.

YNPN could connect with our alums or outgoing service members in a particular region as a resource for expanding their professional networks post-FoodCorps.

To learn more about FoodCorps and potential collaborations, please contact Tiffany McClain at You can also find them online at their: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram.

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