Network to Know: NetSquared

Network to Know: NetSquared

You may have seen our National Director Trish Tchume's recent piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review on the value of strategic networking. If you haven't, you should check it out.

To help our members find opportunities to more strategically network, we'll occasionally be featuring organizations that we think are doing interesting work that would be of interest to YNPN members. First up is NetSquared!

NetSquared provides a space for anyone interested in technology and social change to connect online, share ideas, and even collaborate in person. We talked to Elijah van der Giessen, NetSquared's Community Manager, about why NetSquared is a network to know.

You were founded in 2006. Tell us a little more about the mission of your organization.

Our tagline is "Mobilising Communities and Technology for Social Change.” Our goal is to create a sustainable, scalable community of practice for nonprofit technologists (current and aspiring!) where people can come together to share best practices, case studies, and support each others' projects.

What brings NetSquared members to your network?

It's a few things:

1. Nonprofits are technology laggards, but they don’t have to be! We hold free training events every month in 50 cities across the globe!

2. If you want to connect with technically literate nonprofit staffers, your local NetSquared members are often looking for collaborators.

3. Being the geek at a nonprofit can be lonely work because nobody understands what you do. We’ll connect you into a community of peers to laugh, weep and learn.

What does a typical NetSquared event look like?

A typical NetSquared event is a presentation focusing on a local nonprofit technology case study that features practical tips that can be immediately implemented by the attendees. Popular topics include measurement and analytics, digital storytelling, and social media surgeries.

How can YNPN members and chapters connect with NetSquared?

1. We have a community of nonprofit technologists. You have a community of young nonprofit professionals. You KNOW there’s overlap. So let’s co-produce an event!

2. Your local NetSquared group may be a promotional partner to help connect you with potential members.
To learn more about NetSquared you can reach out to Elijah at or visit their website at You can also find them on Twitter at @NetSquared.

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