News Roundup - April 2018

News Roundup - April 2018

Each month, we round up all of our favorite news content and share it with you. This handpicked collection is meant to inspire new ideas, spark meaningful discourse, and keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and issues happening in the social sector. Enjoy!


The Value of Failing, The Atlantic - Here is an interesting read regarding the notion of failure and how it’s viewed as inherently bad with today’s youth. What can leaders in the social sector do to embrace failure more?


Funders, Your “Wait and See” Approach is Killing Nonprofits During Leadership Transitions, Nonprofit AF - Going through a leadership transition and you’re freaking out about funding for the organization? No worries, Nonprofit AF has you covered.


How to Lose Your Best Employee, Harvard Business Review - Let’s be real: working for a nonprofit can be infinitely rewarding yet excruciatingly challenging. Check out this article's tips on how to retain your best employees.


Philanthropy’s 7 Deadly Sins, Nonprofit Quarterly - There you have it friends. Thou shall not commit these seven alternative sins in the social sector. Are you guilty of committing one of these sins or have an interesting story to share? Let us know your thoughts below!

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