Pre-Conference Calm

Pre-Conference Calm

An unknown source is attributed with having written these words in 1576: "Calm continueth not long without a storm."  And it has been observed that before a severe storm birds stop singing and the air is still.

There must be a storm brewing in Denver!

In the Business Center of the Curtis Hotel, where many 2010 YNPN Conference attendees are staying in downtown Denver, there is an unsettling silence and conspicuous calm - not the type of thing that happens when more than 70 ambitious, talented "do-gooders" convene in one place.  (Of course, I'm pretty sure all 70 or so of us are not staying at the same hotel, and I am definitely the only one in the Business Center right now.)

Perhaps my anticipation, and dare I say anxiety, comes from being a first-timer to this annual Conference.  Well, at least I am not alone.  Like a swarm of bees swooping down on what is still a rather sleepy downtown Denver, 63% of this year's Conference attendees are first-timers, including three members of the National Board.  We come with various expectations, maybe a bit of trepidation, but most certainly with an open mind.  For me, it's a bit exciting to meet new people, connect with like-minded colleagues and draw from the experiences of fellow young nonprofit professionals.

So I'll enjoy the quietness for now.  It won't last long!  Once the sessions start and the brainstorming begins there will be tornadoes of ideas filling our "when we get back" agendas.  There will be more professional and social networking going on than there is on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined.  (OK, maybe not, but you get my drift.)

I guess the rain here in Denver is a fitting natural occurrence then.

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