Read, Meet, Rock It

Read, Meet, Rock It

Leadership can be defined in many different ways.  Some think individuals aren’t leaders until they have spent a lot of time in their sector and have proved themselves.  Others believe people are born as leaders and being a leader is an instinct.  What ever your definition we can all agree that leaders know their stuff, can motivate and engage their followers to be successful, have a knack for gaining followers, and know how to be successful.

As you are thinking about your own development, don’t forget to read, meet new people, and always rock it.  As over simplified as these rules may be, they cover most leadership basics.


Reading new articles, research, and opinions of your work is important.  Leaders should always keep their ideas fresh and innovative.  Keeping up on your reading can give you an edge.  It is easy to forget to read and stick to tasks. Scheduling regular time during the week for reading is a good way to keep it up.

Meet new people

Networking is nothing new, but essential.  It is easy to slip into a comfort zone of gathering in your normal group at events.  Step out and meet someone new at every event.  Knowing the right person can get you further than anything else.

Always rock it

We learn as children it’s better to try your hardest and fail, than to never try at all.  As a leader you should take on every task with vigor and confidence.  If the tasks succeed your success will feel more exciting.  If you fail, you will have a better chance to learn from your mistakes.  Most importantly if you don’t run head first into the unknown you might miss out on great opportunities.  Strong leaders know when to take risks, and always rock it.

Reading, networking and rocking are simple rules, but easy to remember.  Stick to these three rules in parallel with your hard work and you won’t regret.

Are there other rules you use when leading?  Are their tricks you have to leading well?  Share and discuss what works for you.

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