Second Annual Summit Aims to Shape Our Youth’s Legacy Today

Second Annual Summit Aims to Shape Our Youth’s Legacy Today

The 30 Summit brings the nation’s top young leaders to New York this Labor Day Weekend to think big by asking: what legacy will our generation leave?

As the world grapples with the global financial crisis, a national healthcare calamity, and persistent educational and economic inequities both at home and abroad, our generation’s legacy is becoming increasingly relevant. The youth of America need to begin to forge their legacy now in order to have a seat at the table as leaders from around the world make the decisions that will impact our generation.  What if you had Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, Meg Whitman, and Rick Warren in one room… 30 years ago? The Summit, by bringing together some of the most brilliant young Americans in one room thinking big about their legacies, seeks to do just that.

The 30 Summit is apolitical and therefore presents a breath of fresh air in an age when news is becoming more instantaneous and polarizing. In our homogenous and highly-segregated society, the Summit crosses socioeconomic and cultural lines and brings together vibrant perspectives that may have never been brought together in the same room. The Summit will allow its participants to think outside the box and take a long-term view in grappling with our legacies and the world’s global challenges.

Thus, from September 3-5 at University Settlement in SoHo, Summit participants – including a community organizer, university professors, faith leaders, a hip-hop wellness expert, a World Series of Poker player,  government leaders, a former nuclear submarine officer, non-profit leaders, and others – will come together from across industries and ideologies to wrestle with today’s (and tomorrow’s) biggest challenges. In addition to University Settlement, the Summit has partnered with the National Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City, and Acacia Unlimited to make the gathering a success.

The format of the Summit resembles TED talks, the Aspen Ideas festival, and a Presidential Cabinet meeting – combined.  Each Summit participant gets 30 minutes to present and stimulate conversation on a topic related to their work and leadership. Every presentation must include audience participation and time for questions and answers, enabling the group to add to or push back on ideas, contemplate the cross-sector applicability of different concepts, and collaboratively engage in conversations around tough issues. As the ideas from the Summit percolate, participants continue their conversations beyond the weekend and carry them forward into their lives.

But the event seeks to inspire far more than its participants. By posting content from the Summit on its web, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, the Summit seeks to reach a broader audience. For more details and live updates, visit

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