Advocacy and You: Taking Action for Change

Advocacy and You: Taking Action for Change

This article is from of our #ynpn18 LinkedIn series, which highlights the importance of young professionals attending conferences like the YNPN National Conference and Leaders Institute in order to further develop their skillsets and career prospects. Join us as we introduce YNPN Board Member, Sentari Minor!


Advocacy and You: Taking Action for Change

A very astute political pundit once told me, “you may not care about politics, but politics cares about you” which was an obvious but transformative statement, especially as we look at creating social change. 

For the social sector to truly move the needle, we must realize that politics and policy will be a key piece of how effective we are and with that, nonprofit organizations can and must become advocates and be a part of the dialogue. Additionally, the lifeblood of the sector, the workers who are in the boardrooms and in the trenches, must also be able to advocate for themselves if we are to create a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable ecosystem that is ultimately able to implement solutions to our major social problems.

There is a common misconception, a myth, that nonprofits can’t be involved in advocacy when, in fact, social profit organizations can and should engage. Nonprofit Quarterly featured a fantastic article, Yes, You Can—and Should! Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency, that validates this idea and also outlines the why, the how, and the when. We also know that young nonprofit leaders are hungry for guidance on how to steer their careers and be advocates for their own growth as I wrote last year in Career-boosting practices for purpose-driven Millennials. On both fronts, the need for education and resources are apparent and imperative.

At YNPN, the nation’s premier organization for engaging emerging and newly-established leaders in the social sector, we have made advocacy (and all it entails) a programmatic focus as we look to enrich and empower not only the individuals that work in this sector but the organizations they represent as well. With an intention to take action for change, the 2018 YNPN National Conference and Leaders Institute will feature programming to help attendees discover how to advocate for social change, their passions, and themselves in their daily work. From grassroots organizing to the nitty gritty of formal lobbying restrictions to personal advocacy in career and beyond, it is our hope that you will come to Indianapolis prepared to discuss what advocacy looks like for you and the causes you support and leave with the tools to tackle some heady and heavy issues in the country, in the sector, and in your own professional development.

We hope that you will join us on July 27-30 in Indianapolis for the largest gathering of the year for young nonprofit professionals.



You can connect with Sentari via LinkedIn or Twitter and access the YNPN LinkedIn page here.

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