State of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

State of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

YNPN National Board Chair is currently giving a "state of the network."

Of note...

In 2010 there are more than 30 chapters (32) across the country and approximately 20,000 members.  Every month, there are about 5 inquiries from young nonprofit professionals who want to start chapters.

The YNPN Best Practices are available on the YNPN website.

YNPN operates on a $40,000 - $45,000 annual budget, and we need to think about how we can build revenue to maintain current operations and ideally to grow.

What are some of the BIG Questions?

  • What impact do we want to have as a network?
  • What are the core operations that are most critical for chapters' and for the network's continued success?
  • What is the capacity needed to conduct those activities?
  • What is the best way to raise revenue to support those activities?

Regarding revenue generation, YNPN National is aggressively pursuing foundations and new funders; exploring sponsorship opportunities; beginning to consider phasing in chapter dues.  And YNPN National is asking for feedback to help identify untapped opportunities and feedback on what chapters consider critical and are willing to help support.

Regarding iModules, the platform was launged in spring/summer of 2008.  There are 19 chapters currently using iModules.  The platform offers significant capacity for automated communication, event registration, dues, and tracking member demographics.  The start-up has been time-consuming and challegning for chapters.  The platform is not intuitive and many chapters and not utilizing iModules' advanced capacities.

  • What do Chapters and National need from a technology prlatform?
  • Is iModules accomplishing this for us?
  • Wound another platform or system meet these goals better?
  • Does YNPN need a centralized technology platform?
  • If YNPN moves away from iModules, what would the short-and long-term repercussions be?

Today's sessions will delve into these issues.  NO DECISIONS will be made this weekend, but important conversations will happen.
"We did not want to pass up the opportunity to get your feedback in person." - Josh Solomon.

And YNPN definitely does not want to pass up the opportunity to get your feedback online either.  If you were unable to attend the conference this year and you have ideas, comments and feedback about any of these topics, please leave your comments here, start conversations with your local chapters and share your opinions with each other and YNPN National.

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