The Value of Attending the YNPN National Conference

The Value of Attending the YNPN National Conference

Out of the dozen of so conferences I've attended in my brief 5-year career, the ynpn National Conferencefor was one of the best for the following reasons:   - Connecting with the souls driving the future of social profit work.  I tend to be a positive person in general, however talking with peers about their passion and purpose reaffirmed the younger generations in the workforce will provide a strong bridge between the upcoming leadership gap of baby boomers retiring and successful, sustainable organizations.   - The sessions were run by our people, for our people.  Young leaders blend ease, humor and substance.  The sessions didn't feel like stuffy classrooms, where the speaker pontificates and the listeners jot down major concepts.  The sessions felt like brain storming with friends in a coffee shop.  Many presenters offered a natural  informal professionalism - sharing jokes and best practices with equal comfort and using phrases like "organic organizational culture" and "like whoa!" in the same sentence.            - Whatever you missed at the conference, some member will create an app. to teach you about it.  As someone who is less tech.-savvy than most 3 year olds, (I'm writing this entry on a typewriter, for example), I was amazed at how quickly information flowed thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Google docs. and other fascinating features of the high-speed internet superhighway.   - Yes we can.  The conference helped me recharge as

I was reminded: our peers make a positive difference everyday.  We don't know all the answers, but we have a mass of invested people determined to test solutions.  Wicked smart young leaders commit themselves to service in their community and push the staus quo, push the boundaries and push for benefical change. As we push, we advance.  We are part of a movement en route to social justice, each generation progressing further.  I am eager for the distance of our collective step.    

 Ian Esquibel

 Program Associate, Office of Philanthropic Outreach ALBUQUERQUE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION

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