Thinking about YNPN Diversity

Thinking about YNPN Diversity

I just left a morning session on diversity.  I am not even sure why I signed up for the session.  I can get blue in the face talking about "diversity" almost to the point that I wonder, "Why are we still talking about this?"  However, today's session led by Naomi Leaphart from Philadelphia's Nonprofit Leaders (not quite YNPN, but close enough!) gave me a lot to think about.

Here are some thought-provoking questions from the session and other nuggets of information and insight from this session:  (Please share your thoughts and leave a comment or two.)

  • What is your definition of diversity?
  • What scares you most about conversations on diversity?
  • Who is allowed to have conversations about diversity?
  • When is the conversation over?
  • “It needs to be okay to say something different.” – NL
  • “Diversity is not simply a static state of being.”
  • “Diversity isn’t just about representation.”
  • Do we frame YNPN in a way that allows people to identify with what we do?  How are we framing our message?
  • “There is a difference between conversations about diversity and diverse conversations.” - session participant
  • How can we get to a point where everyone is culturally competent?
  • What needs to be homogenous?
  • What structural assumptions do YNPN Chapters make about programming?
  • If you did an assessment of your YNPN Chapter, what is the culture – the unspoken rules of engagement?
  • What language can you develop to discuss diversity within your Chapter?

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