A message from YNPN Executive Director Jamie Smith:  

"One of the quotes that keeps me going when the injustices of the world feel too overwhelming is from the Talmud. We know from the wisdom of those who came before us that the way to beat back the darkness of hate is moving forward justly despite our heartbreak and overwhelm.

To our members and friends in the immigrant, transgender and non-binary, black, and Jewish communities: I love you and treasure our shared humanity. I am grateful for the courage, resilience, and many other beautiful things you bring to our nation. I am deeply sorry that living in this country requires the courage and resilience that it does right now. After the events of the last week, please know that there are more of us who grieve with you than don't.

For those of us who are affected by these tragedies but to a lesser extent, let us recommit to the work. Those on the side of hate are fighting a war they will eventually lose, but in the meantime their most effective tactic is causing us to lose heart. We won't be daunted."

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