What you may have missed this week

What you may have missed this week

Maybe it is just me and I geek out on all the nonprofit info online, but it seems that week by week there is more and more being written about social change.  Here are a few things I enjoyed, but obviously this is by no means an exhaustive list.  

Feel free to share links below for things you found particularly interesting or relevant.

  • One of the best fundraising blogs our there, Future Fundraising Now, by Jeff Brooks (@jeffbrooks) discusses understanding older people and how that can be beneficial to your fundraising efforts.
  • At the blog Change Charity, Jeff Raderstrong writes about the dilemmas facing small-dollar donors who want to support a charity that doesn't have a big enough budget to evaluate its results.
  • On Wednesday, Allison Jones and Rosetta Thurman hosted #ynpchat, a twitter chat for young nonprofit professionals.  This time the focus was on young professionals becoming leaders.  Allison summarizes the conversation here.   Keep an eye out on twitter for future chats.
  • One of the more thought provoking writers about social change, Dan Pallotta reminds us to reach for our impossible goals.

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