Introducing our New Board Member: Will Guyster

Introducing our New Board Member: Will Guyster


For the past few months, we've been conducting a national search for three new board members to join the YNPN National team.

Now, we are proud to announce that the search is over and we have selected Will Guyster to help build and shape our unique culture throughout the staff and the network:


Will Guyster has been at MIT since 2011, first as a manager of entrepreneurship programs in emerging/low-income markets and subsequently as a researcher (based upon the success of his students and guest lectures) where he is currently writing a book to help entrepreneurs and social change agents better understand startup business models and how to commercialize innovative technology, focusing on low-income countries; uses of digital technology; and the rise of disruptive innovations such as cryptocurrencies and the Internet of Things.

Prior to MIT, Will founded and ran an NGO in Ghana called Good Morning Africa that helped Ghanaian businesses train 250+ workers; expand regional internet access; attract $11M in funding; and create lots of new jobs.  For fun, Will has regularly accepted invitations to judge global business competitions, affording him the opportunity to have evaluated 900+ startup ideas.  In his previous life, Will has worked for the World Bank, a regular bank, and financially managed one of the largest USAID education grant portfolios in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Will received his BA from Columbia University in Political Science, focusing on African Democratization, Cold War ideology, and international finance. In 2017, he received his MS in Innovation from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.  

For other fun, Will engages social media debates on topics near and dear to his heart/soul, including: immigration, LGBT rights, civil rights, at-risk youth, geopolitical strategy, US foreign policy, and an ethics-based approach to scientific/technological advancement. He has Netflix/Hulu queues and reading lists that he knows he will never finish.  On rare occasions, Will is allowed to go outside. His humor/linguistic skills resemble far too much a dystopian 19th century-Russian-Jewish-peasant background for most people to understand (the produce of his own Cold War refugee heritage). When this happens, he may turn to interpretive dance and visual images to get a point across (or tell an anecdote from his many travels - usually from Africa).

You can follow Will at @wmguyster.

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