YNPN Twin Cities' Blog, a model for implementing a great idea

YNPN Twin Cities' Blog, a model for implementing a great idea

YNPN Twin Cities board members Adaobi Okolue and Chris Oien shared best practices learned from their chapter's blog. I jokingly tweeted that I should write a blog post about their blog. Adaobi and Chris's presentation was informative to anyone interested in starting a group blog, but it was also a great story about taking a good idea and rallying a group of people to implement it.

How to build buy in

YNPN Twin Cities spent a lot of time and effort generating support from the board before launching their blog. They addressed capacity and technology concerns with:

  • One-on-one conversations
  • In-person trainings about the blogging platform
  • A schedule of blog writing responsibility that is manageable. (Board members are expected to write a post once every few months, and they know well in advance when their post is expected.)

Lesson Learned: Invest time at the beginning of a project to address concerns and build personal connections with your stakeholders.

Setting goals

From the beginning, YNPN Twin Cities was clear about what the blog is and what the blog is not. The YNPN Twin Cities blog is not:

  • A fundraising effort
  • An event promotion mechanism

Lesson Learned: For an idea to succeed, it needs a clear goal. And a clear goal cancels out other potential goals, even when they're worthy.

Making it work

YNPN Twin Cities has an arsenal of tools that help its blog run smoothly and successfully:

  • The blog's posts are assigned months in advance. Authors know exactly when they're expected to contribute.
  • Each week, posts are submitted, edited and published on a set schedule.
  • Topics for blog posts are assigned. (There are "open topic" weeks as well.)
  • The "blog bible" provides extensive documentation.

Lesson Learned: Create and document a manageable structure that helps a good idea become a great idea.


Launching the next good idea

Not satisfied with having an awesome blog and presenting about it at the YNPN national conference, YNPN Twin Cities is including new voices in their blog beyond YNPN-TC board members.

Lesson Learned: Embrace the next phase of your great idea!

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